Day 14: Whiskey 1, Love 0

Hey there adoring fans (Mark from the Oyster Bar)!

Jeez!  This Hurricane Sandy business is really putting a damper on my bucket list.  All of the trains in Manhattan are down (so I can’t go anywhere beyond a 10 block radius) Central Park is closed (Ruby will only pee on grass, so I keep having to pick up piles of leaves and stack them on top of each other to simulate a lawn of sorts), and my stock of red wine has really taken a hit.  So yesterday, after spending a solid 48 hours (minus doggy bathroom time) in the apartment.  I got my ass up and walked to the Harlem Tavern (which was surprisingly rocking) and I…



I’ve always wanted to do this, but never really had the courage to do it on my own.  Not knowing much about whiskey (besides doing shots of Jack Honey out of my coworkers belly button) I asked the bartender what he recommended that was good to sip but wouldn’t take all of my hard earned one dollar bills.  He offered me a heavy pour of 12 year Jameson.


 My secret plan worked!  The best way to look cool while drinking whiskey is to wear a fedora!

Now here’s where the love part comes in…

While trying very hard to resist pounding the drink in one swift gulp, I noticed I was sitting between 2 gentlemen that had arrived at the Harlem Tavern alone.  I thought “Hmm? Maybe this whiskey and fedora combo would give me some extra sex appeal?” so I decided to try my luck at flirting.   Would I go with the tall sexy tattooed guy on my left?  Or the cute guy with Harry Potter glasses on my right?  I “accidentally” bumped elbows with tattoo guy on my left, but only got a destracted head nod (don’t be jealous of my flirting skills), so I went for the guy on the right. I made some silly comment about the soccer game on TV (bingo, he’s British!) and ended up having an hour or so of great conversation (tons of penis jokes).  He fit all of my requirements in a man.  He was older than me but not too old (been there done that), taller than me but not too tall (been there done that too), and was funny but not funnier than me (because that would be physically impossible).  As I got more intoxicated from the delicious drink (I never thought I would actually enjoy sipping whiskey, I just wanted to look badass), this fellow and I shared laughs, lingering glances, and a bucket of fries.   By the time I finished my drink (plus 4-7 beers) I got up the nerve for my signature line…

“So, I’m wasted.  I gotta go home.  Do you want my phone number or something?”  (I know, what you’re thinking.  How can this suave poetic girl still possibly be single?).

As I grabbed a pen to write down my phone number, I heard the magical words I hear all too often…

“Hey, it was really nice meeting you…but…I sort of have a girlfriend.  I mean you’re awesome and all.  Oh man, this is awkward….we could be facebook friends?”

I stumbled home with my new found love for whiskey and without my dignity (and the $68 that I spent on my ‘effing bar tab), and I came to realize that falling in love before the world ends (or ever) is really unlikely.  But you know what?  A girls gotta try!




Day 12: Sandy…A Fire Drill for the End of the World…

Hey there adoring fans (all of the tri-state area that’s about to get their asses handed to them)!

Hurricane Sandy is on her way!  The lines at Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and every liquor store in Manhattan are crazy!  Everyone in the city is scrambling to get ready for this massive storm that is scheduled to hit us tomorrow afternoon.  Central Park was closed at 5pm, the MTA stopped train service at 7 o’clock, and I can’t find another bottle of Cabernet to save my life.

It’s here people…

 The perfect time for us to practice our DRILLS FOR DECEMBER 21st!

Think of Hurricane Sandy as the perfect time to rehearse getting your s*it together for the EOW.

(For the remainder of this post, we shall refer to category “A” as what you should do in preparation for Hurricane Sandy, and category “B” as what you should do in preparation for the End of the World).

1.  Make sure your flashlights are filled with fresh batteries, and you have plenty of candles and matches on hand so that…

A.  You can see where you’re going in the event that the power goes out.

B.  You are ready to stun approaching Space Zombies as they are about to eat your brains.

2.  Fill your bathtub with water so that…

A.  You will have plenty of water to help flush your toilet in the event that you lose water.

B.   You can quickly submerge yourself (or a friend) in the event of fire balls falling from the sky.

3.  Shatter proof your windows with tape so that…

A.  Branches or other debris don’t shatter your windows.

B.  The devil  thinks your home has been marked as “this home is already evil, move on my fellow demons”.

4.  Make sure to have cell phones and laptop computers fully charged so that…

A.  You will have as many forms of communication as possible when power is no longer available.

B.  When your face melts off, you will be able to post a silly pic of said face melting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media you prefer.

5.  Be sure to have “Wee Wee Pads” available so that…

A.  Your four legged friends can use the “powder room” indoors.

B.  You can absorb any bodily fluid leaking from the lesions left by the swarms of flesh hungry locusts.

6.  Have a battery powered clock radio on hand so that…

A.  You can listen to the updated weather forecasts and traffic reports.

B.  When the mothership announces that they are offering the human race a ride to the homeland  you can be the first to get in line.

It’s time to be prepared America.  Let’s have a safe and sound Hurricane Sandy, and an even safer and sounder Apocalypse!

PS:  A special thanks to the models…

Abby:  my awesome roommate/drinking buddy.

Matt:  my friend/professional model who is really excited about his Christopher Robin Halloween costume.

John: my other awesome roommate (and is the grown-up that made us hurricane proof our apartment…Abby and I just bought booze).

Johanna:  John’s friend that was wicked at catchphrase tonight.

Me: awesome in any way shape or form.

Jordan:  our new neighbor that recently moved into our building and is very fun (but needs to up his game on Balderdash).

Day 11: So, Four dogs walk into a bar…

Hi adoring fans (Robin McMillan and cousin Gary)!

Sorry I’ve been a little behind on my posts.  After all, today is actually Day 12 (which will be posted shortly).  I’m learning that keeping up with a daily blog (while having to maintain a job and ward off natural disasters) is pretty tough.

So, yesterday  I gathered my favorite neighbors and their dogs, and we went to a bar…

Yep, you heard right.   Something I wanted to do before the EOW is to take my beloved dog Ruby to a bar, where I can spend time with my 2 favorite things…my dog and my beer.

            I’ve always wanted to go to this dive bar called Tap a Keg (Broadway btw 104 and 105), because every time I’ve passed it on my way to the gym (which is about once every 35 days…gotta maintain my sweet meat), I’ve seen dogs hanging out there!  Now if any of you are unfamiliar, dogs are usually never allowed in bars because it is against the stupid Board of Health (so why may I ask, are there so many cats hanging out in Deli’s?  New Yorkers, you know what I’m talking about).  Now, I do realize that to some of you taking your dog to a bar may not be an exciting way to spend a Saturday night, But to us crazy dog people (not the “constantly calling the dog psychic” kind of crazy…but the fun “let’s dress our dogs up as adorable bumble bees for Halloween” kind of crazy) a bar that allows the likes of Ruby, Lilly, Frankie, and Mia is a dream come true!

Here we are!

Rebecca (human), Me (human with makeup that I will explain), Ruby (dog), Lily (dog), Justin (human), Frankie (crazy dog), Bridgette (human).

Not pictured: Mia (big dog that doesn’t fit on a bar stool) and Danny (human, non-dog-owning, awesome friend that appreciates a good dive bar, and played photographer for us with his fancy iPhone 5….which he is slowly learning to use).

So, about the makeup:

For work (as a champion shot slinger) I was required to be a dead cowgirl for Halloween (which apparently is celebrated on Oct 27th this year…the Halloween forces must have known Hurricane Sandy was on her way).  And, the best thing about a bar that allows dogs, is that they typically  allow anything, including: drunken hobos, delivery service (both food and illegal drugs),  and having your friend Rebecca paint your face like a sexy zombie while drinking Sierra Nevada.

We had a blast!  And to finish the night off, Danny showed us his new snazzy panoramic picture app on his phone of the future.  Notice that Lilly (middle dog) has 3 heads, and Ruby (my dog) has no face….but this app (once mastered) is still pretty effing cool!

Thank you to my amazing neighbors for such a great night and a special shout out to the Rubinator…she really is (wo)man’s best friend!

Day 10: The booger of the sea…

Hello adoring fans (this one’s for you Mary Trotter)!

So, yesterday, my goal was to see the Broadway Musical Wicked!  Which turned out to be (as the kids call it) an Epic Fail, due to the 300 Japanese foreign exchange students that showed up at the lottery drawing….which lowered our stupid odds of getting picked, which almost ruined my blog for today…whatever…I’m over it.   So… instead we went to PJ Clarke’s on the East Side (after having 3 margaritas and a shot of some fancy kind of tequila…I couldn’t tell you the name….they all taste like dirty old man armpits to me) to suck down….MY VERY FIRST RAW OYSTER!

Upon arrival at PJ Clarke’s, we met 2 very nice gentlemen at the bar, Mark and  John, who were both pro’s at eating oysters, and they graciously invited us to their table for a tutorial on how it’s done (and they paid!).  Before watching my (first ever!) video blog below, let me introduce you to our new friends…

We’ve got Mark (a divorce lawyer from Florida), John (Mark’s friend, also a divorce lawyer from Florida who is upset about the size of New York Local Oysters and supports Obama) my gal pal Becca Pace (my awesome personal trainer friend who’s tiny pea head always gives my giant chubby head low self esteem in pictures), and then there’s me (giant chubby head).

And here it is folks…

what we’ve all been waiting for…

something I’ve always wanted to try…

my first ever raw oyster!

And then I went back for seconds…

Still kind of grossed out, I’m more accustomed to trying to get loogies out of my body…not putting them in…

 Then I got the hang of it!

Sort of…

Cheers to new friends and Oysters, or as I now fondly call them…The Boogers of the Sea!

Day 9: Frolicking in Foliage

Hi adoring fans (Shannon Hicks…no relation)!

Day 8 is brought to you by my pal, Jessica Dillan.  J Dogg,  as I like to call her, checked out Day 4 on the old blog here, and noticed that I needed to RENT A CAR AND DRIVE THROUGH FOLIAGE before the EOW.  Like a true chorus-girl-friend (not all that different from a regular girlfriend.  Just more (bad) harmonizing to Taylor Swift songs, and less wearing clothes in dressing rooms during intermission), she offered to take me along (road trip!) to drop off her boyfriend at the airport, and after which she said, “the world is our oyster”! (Not to be confused with worlds of clams, mussels, or snails…nobody wants the world as your snail). So what did we do?

WE DROVE THROGH FOLIAGE all the way up to a not-so-far-away land called “Connecticut”!

(Sexy picture.  I know.  Whatever.  I have a Droid.)

Something you should know about me (I mean, it’s been 9 days, we should probably get to know each other a little better, I’m more than just a hot body with the features of an infant…I have a brain too ya know), I LOVE FALL (and relatively short walks on the beach)!  It’s my most favorite time of year, and I couldn’t let the earth explode without taking a day to enjoy her and all her lady parts have to offer (the Earth’s lady parts, NOT J Dogg’s).

Also, I’d like to take this time to give a shout out to the Mayans for ending the world right at the end of my fave season and not at some other dismal part of the year like July 29th or April 15th.

So here is the adventure of J Dogg and Spunky Brewster (what? That’s my street name…if I ever take to the streets…it could happen), in a
little town called East Haddam, where the leaves are ‘a changin’, the apples are ripe for the pickin’, and stoplights are ready for the Chinese Fire Drillin’!

Here’s I am becoming one with the foliage…

Here’s JDogg being attacked by the foliage…I suggested she should become one with it instead …

What makes for better foliage fun then a random bunch of old used tires? I think there was a whimsical family of snakes living there…


Look! A pumpkin patch….


J Dogg wanted to get in some cross fit training…

PS: Don’t worry my musical theatre fans. I def stopped by La Vita Gustosa for a beverage 🙂


And the Goodspeed Opera House to say “Are you guys hiring? I could really use one of your crazy long contracts to get some health insurance. No?…moving on”

What a wonderful day filled with foliage and friends…

Yes, I pluralised “friends” because this tree and I are now buddies (just don’t tell it I’m on facebook. I can totally tell it’s the type of tree to take pictures of it’s food and post them in my newsfeed).

Day 8: Sushi and little Sarah

Tonight is the night that I have ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI!!

But before we begin…

Do, you remember when you were in ballet class when you were like 15, and the little 10 year old girls thought  you were super cool because you could do tripple pirouettes and you kind of had boobs?   No?  That’s not how you grew up?  Loser.  Well, that is exactly how I grew up, and tonight I’m going to write about my friend that I refer to as little Sarah.  Sidenote: I’m now realizing that some people may have misinterpreted the title of this blog (I’m not quite sure why sushi is sexual, but it’s not in this case.  It’s just delicious….not in a sexual way).

Anywho, at the age of 10, Little Sarah thought I was super cool and super grown up with my triple pirouettes,  sexy training bras, armpit hair, and (coincidentally) teen spirit deodorant.  Fast forward to 15 years later, and now it is she who is super cool and grown up with giant bazoongas, and it is I who might be the B-cupped  loser.  Little Sarah works for Fordham University, has health insurance (including Dental) and is toying with the idea of going to gradschool for Ethics!  Can you believe it?  Ethics?  And here I am, an unemployed actress (with a BA in dance, holla PPU!), spending my Saturday nights selling shots out of test tubes (red headed sluts anyone?), and using all of my free time on a bucket list of silly things like ‘all you can eat sushi’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy marathons’.   Now I know that if/when the world ends, none of this matters, and Angels/Martians don’t care about health insurance and bazoongas in Heaven/Black Holes, BUT… if the world goes on… I hope that  the “little Sarah’s” of the world will grow and continue to be amazing grown-ups with big boobs,  hearts of gold, tolerances of sailors, and  become amazing women that we can all look up to and hope to be some day (single apocalyptic tear).

So that is why I brought little Sarah to…ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI!

I mean, ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI?!   How can you go wrong, ESPECIALLY when there is ALL YOU CAN DRINK SAKE involved!   (The world doesn’t need to hold onto all that excess sake, dead fish, and sticky-rice, anyway….I mean it all comes out in the wash…gross).

I’ve always wanted to spend an sensible Wednesday night stuffing my face with raw fish, while drinking chilled sake out of a teenie tiny cup until the button on my pants burst.   So tonight, it happened, with little Sarah.  Enjoy…

BTW, look at these links.  They are a silly flip book of me getting fatter, and/or me making music with sake jugs.

Plus….we had all you can eat Sushi and all you can Drink Sake for $26.95 at Hanami Sushi on 9th Ave!   I’m hammered!

Hmmm…am I intoxicated enough to try these weird fish slab on a rice pillow things?

Now this sushi looks good and all, but I just can’t help wondering how much cooler I would look with 2 chopsticks so I would resemble a silly walrus?

Don’t worry little Sarah! If you choke on that sake I will just follow the simple steps clearly posted on the wall behind you. Oh wait, nope, written in Japanese. Your s*it out of luck…

Another one bites the dust!

Day 7: Previously…on Grey’s Anatomy

Good evening adoring fans (Abby Church and family)!

As you’ve probably read from my award winning blog (my blog has not won any awards), I must catch up on Grey’s Anatomy before the EOW.  Now, I know what most of you are thinking…

“Grey’s Anatomy?  Really?  Is that show still on?  I stopped watching after like the 3rd season.  I mean, the whole Meredith drowning and seeing Denny, (Izzy’s dead fiance), and super sick alzheimer laden mother thing?  And then the Izzy and George as a hot and sexy couple that can’t get it on because George is still married, and Izzy’s not over her dead fiance thing?  Sarah, you silly girl!  Why would you waste your time on this horrible show, when there are so many better TV shows to catch up on before the world ends?  Have you not seen Downtown Abbey?”

And you are 64% right!   Only, after the 5th season, it got really awesome again.  As of right now (season 7, episode 20),  Derek and Meredith are totally together, there are sick African babies everywhere, there’s about to be a lesbian wedding, and there are only 2 more episodes ’til the Season 7 finale!   Season finales of Grey’s Anatomy are like Christmas morning!  Except instead of a new walkman you get dead heart-transplant fiances, fatal bus accidents involving adorable cast members, and Hospital mass shootings (which I’m now realizing should not be in any way similar to Christmas morning….if it is in anyway similar to your Christmas morning, please contact the crisis hotline at at 1-888-925-2615).  Anywho, here we go!

PS:  I wouldn’t say I’m a “Super Fan”…

…I am just really committed to this show.

….some people say commitment is really important in a relationship

….I need more friends.

Day 6: The Debate

Dear adoring fans (that’s you Jon Parker)!

So, I know that we’re all a little riled up about the presidential debate this evening.  Some of you are having a hard time deciding who to pick for the next President, but guess what?   You don’t have to!  After December 22nd, our new leader will be the PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD, Marvin the Martian!

(or nothing is going to happen to us and you should probably research each candidate and find out which one you feel best represents your beliefs on how the Country should be run).  But more importantly, I scratched another goal off of my bucket list today!  (Woops!  Did the title of todays blog lead you to believe that I was going to write more one the debate? :))

Today I…..


Like many of you fancy people, I have been to a museum.  In fact, I’ve been to several (I am very fancy).  Most of them were in grade school where chaperones herded 30 of us snot-laden kids from exhibit to exhibit while clutching our brown bag lunches and purple crystal paper weights that we spent seventeen of our parents hard earned dollars on at the gift shop.  Then as I got older and started touring with musical theatre, I would go with my castmates to whichever museums or aquariums the town we were in was known for.  But every time I found myself in a museum, young or old, I would find myself having the same anxieties….

Was everyone but me bored with this exhibit and ready to move on?

I have to pee but no one else does.  Should I just hold it?

Is the stranger next to me done reading this plaque about the *Tanzanian Wallaby and just standing here judging how slow of a reader I am?

So today, I did it!  I went to the New York City Museum of Natural History all by myself and it was… AWESOME!    I looked at each exhibit for as long as I wanted, went to the bathroom anytime I felt the need to (every twenty-seven minutes, I drink a lot of water), learned that the Amazon is in South America (not Africa), and got lost and ended up reading about the fire exits in the coat check room.   All in all… great day!

I should probably let you know that I also ran into a scary exhibit…..

THE MAYANS!…who ever thought they would be there amongst the ancient people?

Here I am with the statue that was made to mark “the end of periods in the Mayan Calendar”.   Don’t worry, I spat on the ground and danced around backwards in a circle (otherwise known as “the snow dance” that we did in elementary school to make it snow so we would miss school the next day.  I think it still applies).

I also found myself amongst some other pretty cool non-end-of-the-world-predicting exhibits.

Here I am with the ancients Armenians.  So, it’s like I’m hanging out with the ancient Kardashians!  (well, half of the Kardashians.  I think their mom is Italian or something.)

Here are  some aztec artifacts.  The plaque said they go in this order, from left to right:

1. A woman giving birth.  2. A warrior at the ready. 3. A dreamer thinking of applying to theatre school.   4. Meditation.

And finally, another goal to cross off my list…..I fell in love!

It was a great day at the Museum, but I do need to make it back for the butterfly exhibit prior to the EOW.  Somebody’s gotta set em free!  (just kidding, I’m not some sort of butterfly evangelist…is that how you use the word evangelist?  Anyway, I won’t set them free.  Don’t call the police…or PETA).

PS: *The Tanzanian Wallaby does not exist.

Day 5: Dear Underwear Drawer,

Dear Underwear Drawer,

Today your life is about to change.   In about 6 hours you will no longer be filled with the underwear of the past.  No more garments that date back to my first year of college.  No more nude g-strings with my name sharpied on the tag from countless regional theatres all over the US and Canada.  No more pairs of underwear that I bought in a size too small for me that are left unworn because they give me the unfortunate underpants-muffin-top.  Gone are the 3 pairs that I keep around for that “special time of the month” (Sorry dudes, had to mention it.  Ladies, you feel me!).  No.  From this day forward you shall be filled with the beautiful shiny new underwear of the future.   Underwear from such extravagant retailers as H&M, aeri, and the notoriously scandalous Victorias Secret.  Yes, underwear drawer, today is the day that Sarah will reclaim what is right for her bum!

Your humble servant,


Today is first day of the rest of your life…

Day 4: The Apocalypse takes organizing.

Hey there adoring fans (that means you Mom)!

So, being that this is both my first blog and first apocalypse, I’ve decided to take a minute to organize some thoughts.  Sure, I’ve got all of these things I need to get done before the world ends, but how are some of them going to get done unless I start planning?   For example, this Halloween I’ve finally decided to dress up as the Coppertone Baby.  I’ve wanted to do it for about 5 years now, but every Halloween I cop out because I don’t have my s*it together.  I’d also like to get caught up on Greys Anatomy, but I’m only half way through Season 7 on Netflix.   I mean, is Meredith ever going to get pregnant or will her hostile uterus leave she and Derek barren?  This s*it is going to take some strategizing.  So today I started a list of the things I need to get done while the planet is still up and running.  Don’t worry.  I’ve also included a list of things I need to get done after December 22nd.

To do list before December 21st

To do list for after December 22nd

Just 2 things I need to ask:

1.  Does anybody know Tina Fey?

2.  Who’s around on November 10th to help me try on wedding dresses?

Day 3: My favorite rainy day adventure…

Hey adoring fans (aka my new neighbor that I made read my blog today)!

Sooooo, tonight I am going to do something that I’ve done before, but wanted to make sure to do again before the EOW and tonight seems like a perfect night!

Ready for it?

Best thing to do on a rainy night in Manhattan?

Are you on the edge of your seat?

Drum roll please…

I’m going to go to the movies….AND smuggle in boxed wine!

Come on!  We’ve all done it.  It’s fun.  I hope to do it again before the EOW but I have so many things to get done, I’m not sure if I’ll have time (the lottery is not going to win itself).  The movie: Frankenweenie.  Yes, I know it’s a kids movie, but it’s Tim Burton and it’s almost Halloween, and it got good reviews, and my dog is my best friend, and shut the Hell up I don’t care what you think.  I hope everyone gets a chance to do it before the end of you know what!

Now the only question is…. cabernet or pinot noir?


1 carton of wine, 2 friends, and 3 or so hours later….


Frankenweenie was awesome!  My neighbors (Bridgette and Justin…very cool cats) joined me to the Lincoln Center Lowes to see the movie.   Then we all came home and hugged our dogs 🙂

Day 2: Pedicure for no particular reason

Hey adoring fans (Craig and my Dad)!

Just getting off work and wanted to make sure I logged in.  Today, what I wanted to try before the EOW was to get a pedicure for no particular reason.  People do it all of the time.  Rich ladies, not so rich ladies, rich dudes, not so rich dudes get pedicures all the time.  I, myself have only been pedicured in the past for big “totally worth it” reasons like weddings, vacations, or Grecian Sandal modeling (I’ve never Grecian Sandal modeled ).  Stay tuned to how I feel about it.

The next day….


Here’s how I feel about pedicures for no reason.

They’re dumb.

My toes are now callus free (I’m gonna miss those guys), cuticle free (I could take or leave those guys) 8 toes are painted purple and $38 are missing from my wallet. 8 toes you ask?   I say 8 because both my pinky toes have that weird thing where there’s not really a toenail there and in the past I just painted the patch of skin where the toenail should be so that no one would notice.  I don’t know who would really care.  I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as the toenail police, but if there were I’m sure they’d have bigger fish to fry than going after my lack of pinky toenails.  I’ve seen some pretty gnarly toe nails out there that the toenail authorities would be more interested in policing.  Like that hobo that lives in the  subway station downtown who wears a full snow suit year round that covers everything except his thick, yellowing toenails which are on display because he converted his snow boots into peeptoes…which you and I know are SO last season.  I digress.  Back to the pedicure.  What I did love about the experience was opting for the extra 10 minute foot massage.  I just closed my eyes and imagined that my sweet little asian lady was and oiled up UFC fighter name Lars.  Totally worth $10.  So from now until the apocalypse I shall only get pedicures when necessary, but go into nail salons for lubed up foot massages whenever I damn well please.

Day 1: Harry Potter 8

Hello adoring fans (nobody)!

My first order of business is to finally see the last Harry Potter movie.

Like most 20 somethings that call themselves Americans, I have read every single Harry Potter book the moment they came out, and seen every Harry Potter Movie in theaters immediately on or after opening night.  Unfortunately, when the last movie came out, I was in Beverly Massachusetts performing as a dancing Gorilla in a production of Tarzan, one of my best portrayals of a dancing animal since the prior year when I played the front end of a dancing cow.  Trust me, you always want to be the front end.   Everyone in the cast went to see the midnight screening of the Deathly Hallows Part II.  Everyone but me (sad face).  You see, I was stuck back at the hotel with the flue (hangover) and couldn’t make it to the showing.   I intended to see the movie after that with some other friends, but everyone had already seen it (sad face), and as much as I love to go to the movies by myself (lonely face), time just got away from me.  So here I am a year and a half later still so curious as to how it all goes down.  Not to mention that it is conveniently showing on HBO on demand, which will help keep me in my budget (currently twenty seven dollars) for other EOW endeavors.  Will I say, “I mean, it was ok but the book was so much better”?  Probably.  But the planet can not vanish without me seeing the truth for myself!  Who knows, maybe this will be the time when I can finally say, “No way, this movie was way better than that stupid book.  J.K Rowling really should take some pointers from these screenwriters!”.  We shall see.  We shall see indeed.Image