Day 4: The Apocalypse takes organizing.

Hey there adoring fans (that means you Mom)!

So, being that this is both my first blog and first apocalypse, I’ve decided to take a minute to organize some thoughts.  Sure, I’ve got all of these things I need to get done before the world ends, but how are some of them going to get done unless I start planning?   For example, this Halloween I’ve finally decided to dress up as the Coppertone Baby.  I’ve wanted to do it for about 5 years now, but every Halloween I cop out because I don’t have my s*it together.  I’d also like to get caught up on Greys Anatomy, but I’m only half way through Season 7 on Netflix.   I mean, is Meredith ever going to get pregnant or will her hostile uterus leave she and Derek barren?  This s*it is going to take some strategizing.  So today I started a list of the things I need to get done while the planet is still up and running.  Don’t worry.  I’ve also included a list of things I need to get done after December 22nd.

To do list before December 21st

To do list for after December 22nd

Just 2 things I need to ask:

1.  Does anybody know Tina Fey?

2.  Who’s around on November 10th to help me try on wedding dresses?

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