Day 1: Harry Potter 8

Hello adoring fans (nobody)!

My first order of business is to finally see the last Harry Potter movie.

Like most 20 somethings that call themselves Americans, I have read every single Harry Potter book the moment they came out, and seen every Harry Potter Movie in theaters immediately on or after opening night.  Unfortunately, when the last movie came out, I was in Beverly Massachusetts performing as a dancing Gorilla in a production of Tarzan, one of my best portrayals of a dancing animal since the prior year when I played the front end of a dancing cow.  Trust me, you always want to be the front end.   Everyone in the cast went to see the midnight screening of the Deathly Hallows Part II.  Everyone but me (sad face).  You see, I was stuck back at the hotel with the flue (hangover) and couldn’t make it to the showing.   I intended to see the movie after that with some other friends, but everyone had already seen it (sad face), and as much as I love to go to the movies by myself (lonely face), time just got away from me.  So here I am a year and a half later still so curious as to how it all goes down.  Not to mention that it is conveniently showing on HBO on demand, which will help keep me in my budget (currently twenty seven dollars) for other EOW endeavors.  Will I say, “I mean, it was ok but the book was so much better”?  Probably.  But the planet can not vanish without me seeing the truth for myself!  Who knows, maybe this will be the time when I can finally say, “No way, this movie was way better than that stupid book.  J.K Rowling really should take some pointers from these screenwriters!”.  We shall see.  We shall see indeed.Image



In The Beginning…

Hello adoring fans….

So, as some of you may know, the world is scheduled to end on December 21st 2012.  As some of you also may know, I AM 50% TERRIFIED!  I am 50% certain that we are either going to go down in flames or be taken prisoner by martians, and 50% certain that nothing is going to happen and we are all going to be fine and go on with our humdrum lives. Obviously one of the 50% has a more terrifying outcome, which is why I’ve chosen to use this festive Holiday background.  So I came up with this idea today, 66 days before the presumed END OF THE WORLD, to take some time to get some fun things done between now and December 21st.

Some are things that are super easy and I just never take the time to do them because I’m the biggest procrastinator this side of the Mississippi (not sure if that’s accurate but wanted to get that saying out before the EOW*).  Things like painting my room, ordering a whiskey neat at a bar (and looking cool doing so), or finally going to see Wicked.

Some things are going to be a little more difficult like meeting Tina Fey, falling in love with a handsome stranger on a rainy day, or turning 30 (my 30th birthday is January 3rd).

Some of the things are things I’ve already done but just want to make sure I squeeze them in again before we are toast, martian prisoners, or completely unharmed.  Things like: renting a car to go see my family instead of smuggling my dog onto an bacteria-laden chinatown bus or, decorating my apartment for Christmas with my roommates.

I haven’t set all of my goals yet.  I’ll probably come up with most of them along the way, but one of them was to write a blog.

So here it is.

I apologize now for my spelling, grammar, and overuse of commas, (and parenthesises).   It may be boring, dirty (depending on my love affair with the rainy stranger), or may not make any sense  due to red wine consumption.  Either way I’m going to have a blast and strike while the iron is hot (again, just another fun saying to get in before EOW).  I hope anyone out there enjoys.  I welcome suggestions although I have no desire to jump out of an airplane or Adopt a Highway before, on, or after December 21st.

Here we go!  Carpe Diem?

*EOW= End Of World