Day 6: The Debate

Dear adoring fans (that’s you Jon Parker)!

So, I know that we’re all a little riled up about the presidential debate this evening.  Some of you are having a hard time deciding who to pick for the next President, but guess what?   You don’t have to!  After December 22nd, our new leader will be the PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD, Marvin the Martian!

(or nothing is going to happen to us and you should probably research each candidate and find out which one you feel best represents your beliefs on how the Country should be run).  But more importantly, I scratched another goal off of my bucket list today!  (Woops!  Did the title of todays blog lead you to believe that I was going to write more one the debate? :))

Today I…..


Like many of you fancy people, I have been to a museum.  In fact, I’ve been to several (I am very fancy).  Most of them were in grade school where chaperones herded 30 of us snot-laden kids from exhibit to exhibit while clutching our brown bag lunches and purple crystal paper weights that we spent seventeen of our parents hard earned dollars on at the gift shop.  Then as I got older and started touring with musical theatre, I would go with my castmates to whichever museums or aquariums the town we were in was known for.  But every time I found myself in a museum, young or old, I would find myself having the same anxieties….

Was everyone but me bored with this exhibit and ready to move on?

I have to pee but no one else does.  Should I just hold it?

Is the stranger next to me done reading this plaque about the *Tanzanian Wallaby and just standing here judging how slow of a reader I am?

So today, I did it!  I went to the New York City Museum of Natural History all by myself and it was… AWESOME!    I looked at each exhibit for as long as I wanted, went to the bathroom anytime I felt the need to (every twenty-seven minutes, I drink a lot of water), learned that the Amazon is in South America (not Africa), and got lost and ended up reading about the fire exits in the coat check room.   All in all… great day!

I should probably let you know that I also ran into a scary exhibit…..

THE MAYANS!…who ever thought they would be there amongst the ancient people?

Here I am with the statue that was made to mark “the end of periods in the Mayan Calendar”.   Don’t worry, I spat on the ground and danced around backwards in a circle (otherwise known as “the snow dance” that we did in elementary school to make it snow so we would miss school the next day.  I think it still applies).

I also found myself amongst some other pretty cool non-end-of-the-world-predicting exhibits.

Here I am with the ancients Armenians.  So, it’s like I’m hanging out with the ancient Kardashians!  (well, half of the Kardashians.  I think their mom is Italian or something.)

Here are  some aztec artifacts.  The plaque said they go in this order, from left to right:

1. A woman giving birth.  2. A warrior at the ready. 3. A dreamer thinking of applying to theatre school.   4. Meditation.

And finally, another goal to cross off my list…..I fell in love!

It was a great day at the Museum, but I do need to make it back for the butterfly exhibit prior to the EOW.  Somebody’s gotta set em free!  (just kidding, I’m not some sort of butterfly evangelist…is that how you use the word evangelist?  Anyway, I won’t set them free.  Don’t call the police…or PETA).

PS: *The Tanzanian Wallaby does not exist.