Day 7: Previously…on Grey’s Anatomy

Good evening adoring fans (Abby Church and family)!

As you’ve probably read from my award winning blog (my blog has not won any awards), I must catch up on Grey’s Anatomy before the EOW.  Now, I know what most of you are thinking…

“Grey’s Anatomy?  Really?  Is that show still on?  I stopped watching after like the 3rd season.  I mean, the whole Meredith drowning and seeing Denny, (Izzy’s dead fiance), and super sick alzheimer laden mother thing?  And then the Izzy and George as a hot and sexy couple that can’t get it on because George is still married, and Izzy’s not over her dead fiance thing?  Sarah, you silly girl!  Why would you waste your time on this horrible show, when there are so many better TV shows to catch up on before the world ends?  Have you not seen Downtown Abbey?”

And you are 64% right!   Only, after the 5th season, it got really awesome again.  As of right now (season 7, episode 20),  Derek and Meredith are totally together, there are sick African babies everywhere, there’s about to be a lesbian wedding, and there are only 2 more episodes ’til the Season 7 finale!   Season finales of Grey’s Anatomy are like Christmas morning!  Except instead of a new walkman you get dead heart-transplant fiances, fatal bus accidents involving adorable cast members, and Hospital mass shootings (which I’m now realizing should not be in any way similar to Christmas morning….if it is in anyway similar to your Christmas morning, please contact the crisis hotline at at 1-888-925-2615).  Anywho, here we go!

PS:  I wouldn’t say I’m a “Super Fan”…

…I am just really committed to this show.

….some people say commitment is really important in a relationship

….I need more friends.

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