Day 9: Frolicking in Foliage

Hi adoring fans (Shannon Hicks…no relation)!

Day 8 is brought to you by my pal, Jessica Dillan.  J Dogg,  as I like to call her, checked out Day 4 on the old blog here, and noticed that I needed to RENT A CAR AND DRIVE THROUGH FOLIAGE before the EOW.  Like a true chorus-girl-friend (not all that different from a regular girlfriend.  Just more (bad) harmonizing to Taylor Swift songs, and less wearing clothes in dressing rooms during intermission), she offered to take me along (road trip!) to drop off her boyfriend at the airport, and after which she said, “the world is our oyster”! (Not to be confused with worlds of clams, mussels, or snails…nobody wants the world as your snail). So what did we do?

WE DROVE THROGH FOLIAGE all the way up to a not-so-far-away land called “Connecticut”!

(Sexy picture.  I know.  Whatever.  I have a Droid.)

Something you should know about me (I mean, it’s been 9 days, we should probably get to know each other a little better, I’m more than just a hot body with the features of an infant…I have a brain too ya know), I LOVE FALL (and relatively short walks on the beach)!  It’s my most favorite time of year, and I couldn’t let the earth explode without taking a day to enjoy her and all her lady parts have to offer (the Earth’s lady parts, NOT J Dogg’s).

Also, I’d like to take this time to give a shout out to the Mayans for ending the world right at the end of my fave season and not at some other dismal part of the year like July 29th or April 15th.

So here is the adventure of J Dogg and Spunky Brewster (what? That’s my street name…if I ever take to the streets…it could happen), in a
little town called East Haddam, where the leaves are ‘a changin’, the apples are ripe for the pickin’, and stoplights are ready for the Chinese Fire Drillin’!

Here’s I am becoming one with the foliage…

Here’s JDogg being attacked by the foliage…I suggested she should become one with it instead …

What makes for better foliage fun then a random bunch of old used tires? I think there was a whimsical family of snakes living there…


Look! A pumpkin patch….


J Dogg wanted to get in some cross fit training…

PS: Don’t worry my musical theatre fans. I def stopped by La Vita Gustosa for a beverage 🙂


And the Goodspeed Opera House to say “Are you guys hiring? I could really use one of your crazy long contracts to get some health insurance. No?…moving on”

What a wonderful day filled with foliage and friends…

Yes, I pluralised “friends” because this tree and I are now buddies (just don’t tell it I’m on facebook. I can totally tell it’s the type of tree to take pictures of it’s food and post them in my newsfeed).

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