Day 11: So, Four dogs walk into a bar…

Hi adoring fans (Robin McMillan and cousin Gary)!

Sorry I’ve been a little behind on my posts.  After all, today is actually Day 12 (which will be posted shortly).  I’m learning that keeping up with a daily blog (while having to maintain a job and ward off natural disasters) is pretty tough.

So, yesterday  I gathered my favorite neighbors and their dogs, and we went to a bar…

Yep, you heard right.   Something I wanted to do before the EOW is to take my beloved dog Ruby to a bar, where I can spend time with my 2 favorite things…my dog and my beer.

            I’ve always wanted to go to this dive bar called Tap a Keg (Broadway btw 104 and 105), because every time I’ve passed it on my way to the gym (which is about once every 35 days…gotta maintain my sweet meat), I’ve seen dogs hanging out there!  Now if any of you are unfamiliar, dogs are usually never allowed in bars because it is against the stupid Board of Health (so why may I ask, are there so many cats hanging out in Deli’s?  New Yorkers, you know what I’m talking about).  Now, I do realize that to some of you taking your dog to a bar may not be an exciting way to spend a Saturday night, But to us crazy dog people (not the “constantly calling the dog psychic” kind of crazy…but the fun “let’s dress our dogs up as adorable bumble bees for Halloween” kind of crazy) a bar that allows the likes of Ruby, Lilly, Frankie, and Mia is a dream come true!

Here we are!

Rebecca (human), Me (human with makeup that I will explain), Ruby (dog), Lily (dog), Justin (human), Frankie (crazy dog), Bridgette (human).

Not pictured: Mia (big dog that doesn’t fit on a bar stool) and Danny (human, non-dog-owning, awesome friend that appreciates a good dive bar, and played photographer for us with his fancy iPhone 5….which he is slowly learning to use).

So, about the makeup:

For work (as a champion shot slinger) I was required to be a dead cowgirl for Halloween (which apparently is celebrated on Oct 27th this year…the Halloween forces must have known Hurricane Sandy was on her way).  And, the best thing about a bar that allows dogs, is that they typically  allow anything, including: drunken hobos, delivery service (both food and illegal drugs),  and having your friend Rebecca paint your face like a sexy zombie while drinking Sierra Nevada.

We had a blast!  And to finish the night off, Danny showed us his new snazzy panoramic picture app on his phone of the future.  Notice that Lilly (middle dog) has 3 heads, and Ruby (my dog) has no face….but this app (once mastered) is still pretty effing cool!

Thank you to my amazing neighbors for such a great night and a special shout out to the Rubinator…she really is (wo)man’s best friend!

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