Day 22: Flat Pam and baby Jesus…

Hey there adoring fans (Elise Kinnon, Ashley Peacock, and Marina Lazzaretto)!

So yesterday I took Flat Pam …

to a bar…

Just kidding!

We went to the invited dress rehearsal for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!

Like most of you Americans, my favorite holiday is Christmas (unless you are Jewish or another religion that doesn’t celebrate the birth of baby Jesus…no worries, I hear Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and Flag Day are mad cool too)!  I love the music, the decorations, and the guilt/anxiety that comes along with buying presents for loved ones (and not so loved ones…you know, the peole you have to buy presents for that you don’t really like but it would be tacky not to buy them a present).  And one of my favorite things to do when I’m not performing in a Christmas show (thanks White Christmas…really…I didn’t want your stupid health insurance anyway…I’m sure I can get a “do it yourself” pap smear kit at Walgreens) is to go see a Christmas show, and what better show than the Christmas Spectacular?!

Plus, Flat Pam really wants to be a Rockette…

Then I told her that the height minimum was 5 feet 6 and a half inches, and since she was only 7 inches tall, she would never be a Rockette.  Flat Pam was crushed (good thing she’s already flat…get it?)

We arrived at the theatre….

Ran into some friends (what up Elise and Ashley!)…

And sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the show!

Flat Pam wanted to play baby Jesus but I told her she had to be in the union (AGVA) to perform at Radio City.

She was sad because AGVA doesn’t accept people made out of paper and grape scented markers (racists), so I decided to cheer her up by introducing her to a real live Rockette!  “Hi Naomi!  Thanks for the tickets!”

And then….

We went to a bar…

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