Day 20: Look Mom, I made it!

Hey there adoring fans (Nicole Mangi Kramer and Matt Cwalina)!

Guys, I finally did it!  I watched the Season 8 finale of Greys Anatomy.  I’m all caught up and ready for Season 9.  Suck it December 21st!  (just kidding…Dear World, Please don’t end).   Now, because someone told me that something crazy happens in the first 15 minutes, I decided to record myself watching the first 15 minutes to see my reaction to what this crazy thing is.  Enjoy!

Spoiler Alert:  Don’t watch this if you’re not up to speed on Grey’s Anatomy…or you don’t like to watch girls cry.

                                                             RIP Lexi Grey

                                                    (Season 3- Season 8)

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PS: here is a picture of french fries.  They have nothing to do with this post, but I need a thumbnail pic for when I post it on Facebook and right now the only one that shows up is the picture of dead Lexi, and I don’t want to spoil Grey’s Anatomy for anyone…so here’s some Freedom Fries.