Day 25: Are you out there Tina Fey?

Hey there adoring Fans (John Galgano and lovely wife)

As many of you may know one of my dreams is to meet Miss. Tina Fey before our world is obliterated/ruled by martians/nothing happens and we are all fine.  She is a badass woman who (as you should totes know) was a writer for Saturday Night live, produced her own show 30 Rock,  and wrote an awesome book called Bossy Pants (plus is hilarious in every way shape and form).  So far my spectrum of working on this goal of meeting her runs from writing about it on this blog that reaches 1-12 people,  to occasionally walking around Rockefeller Center hoping to bump into her while wearing the same cardigan and say “Hey Tina!  Look, we are wearing the same cardigan.  Tell me how it is that you got to be who you are, and what the true meaning of life is?”  Unfortunately neither of those tactics have worked out, so I decided to send her a “fan” letter….

I was thinking that since she has children, arts and crafts might be the best way to go…

And then I realized this looks a little too “I just stole your loved ones and now I’m holding them hostage”  so I decided to go in another direction…

…maybe since it’s getting pretty close to Thanksgiving…

I could send her a hand turkey invitation to Thanksgiving dinner!  No, still to creepy?  Even with my headshot glued to the thumb?  Ok, here’s another tactic…

when in doubt, bring in Flat Pam…

And Flat Sarah!

Fingers crossed that this works…I’ve only got 41 days (or the rest of my existence providing that the Mayans are stupid and the world will go on for a very long time 🙂

PS: Isn’t Flat Sarah hot?

One thought on “Day 25: Are you out there Tina Fey?

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE TINA FEY!!! If you meet her I will be so jealous and may begin to hate you:/ I’ll keep reading your blog though:) cause it its totally hilarious!!!

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