Day 26…27…28: Sometimes it’s the little things that count…

Hey there adoring fans (Ben Dogpark)!

Ok, my life has been pretty hectic with these 20 hour work weeks, and I haven’t had time to do some of the bigger things on my list (painting my bedroom, seeing a live taping of SNL, becoming the first female president) but I have done a few small things…

Day 26:  I caught up on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy…

Did you guys know Mr. Feeny (of only the greatest 90’s TV show Boy Meets World) plays a Minnesota-tian cardiovascular surgeon on my beloved (quickly tanking) TV show?

Correction: played

RIP Mr. Feeny

(the character on Grey’s Anatomy, not actor William Daniels)

B-T-Dubs…did you know that Mr. Feeny was also the voice of KIT on Night Rider?

And that he was nominated for a Tony as “Supporting Actor” in a Musical for his lead role of John Adams in the 1969 musical 1776 but couldn’t be nominated for “Lead Actor” because he did not have star billing because his name wasn’t above the title and since Adams is clearly the lead role of 1776 he declined the nomination? Mr. Feeny said “F U” to the Tony’s!  Badass Mr. Feeny.  Badass.

(this is a picture of John Adams)

Day 27: I went to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center 

(No I’m not giving the #1 sign…I’m pointing at the tree, no the tree hasn’t been decorated yet, and no I didn’t run into Tina Fey  become BFF’s with her and ask her to read a poem at my fictitious wedding…so stop asking.)

Oops.  I forgot Flat Pam and Flat Sarah at home.  They were not happy about missing the tree…

(Don’t worry, I promised to take them to work with me for Day 29.)

Day 28:   I cleaned my room…

Now that I’m looking for love I realize that it’s


Important to have a clean room in case I (get hammered) have a gentleman caller over.

And B:

Even though you can say things like, “I can explain, you see I’m writing this blog where I do silly things and often use props…”

…waking up to the cast of Grey’s Anatomy and my halloween costume from last year (a dress made entirely of dryer sheets…cute right?  I had the best smelling costume on 9th avenue) is pretty darn creepy.

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