Day 70-ish : it’s beginning to look a lot like technology has it in for me…

Hey there adoring fans (drunk kid sitting on the train next to me)!

Wasn’t planning on blogging tonight but I think all technology really has it in for me…or out for me?  Whichever one means that every piece of technology I own has gotten together and formed an “I hate Sarah…we should probably all go wacko on her at once for no apparent reason and see what she does” club.  So far, my computer has the same amount of battery life as my grandmother has bladder control, my stupid effing android galaxy has mysteriously lost all of my contacts (subliminally telling me that my friends don’t like me…Well they do like me you stupid android!…they do…) and to top it all off…
My kindle fire won’t let me watch Magic Mike…which I specifically downloaded to watch on this 7 hour train ride (twice)!!! 

This is the disclaimer that pops up to tell me that the “downloaded video cannot be viewed at this time and to try again later …you stupid pirate hooker.”


As you may have noticed, I’ve been typing in bold print.  Are the last few sentences so important that they are worthy of bold print?  Nope, my wordpress app on this stupid phone just won’t go back to regular font.  Great!  Oh, there we go.   Finally.  I guess I just had to push the button with the big “B” on it.  Now, as I have what looks to be another 2.75 hours of train ride left,  I’ll entertain you with some blurry pictures (as my phone does not take pics well when there is any type of movement…fantastic).

Look, here’s Ruby whom I smuggled on the train in her dog bag that I’ve sneakily covered with my coat. Look out Columbo (who I think was a detective…of some sort)!


Okay, so that’s her leg, not a very interesting shot, huh?

Well hows about this…?


These are some sheets that my mom gave me for Christmas (I think that she believes that if I have nice sheets that some day soon I will provide a grandchild).

Still not exciting enough of a boogie (haha… my phone auto corrected blog into boogie. That’s kind of funny. Ok phone, let’s be friends again) for you? Well here’s a picture of my Women’s Health Magazine…


With an article asking whether or not you drink too much…


Great.  So now not only is technology trying to destroy me (minus the boogie incident) …the magazine industry is trying to give me low self esteem.   Well screw you Women’s Health!  I’m going to spend the last 2 and a half hours on this train not reading that article!

(I will however read the articles about how to get Flat Abs, Firm Butt and Toned Legs. )

(And probs the article about Hot New Sex Positions…you know…for my mom and her future grandchildrens sake.)

Wish me luck and Merry Christmas!

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