Day 44: Lights….camera…IMPROV!

Hey there adoring fans (that’s you Allison)!

So, here’s the thing.  About a year ago.  I decided I wanted to try something new.  It was right around New Years and my 29th birthday was approaching (I’ve got the big 3-0 coming up…you know, if the world doesn’t explode.  Feel free to message me for the mailing address to send my gifts.  The top contenders are a new computer and glow in the dark slinky).  You see,  I was pretty successful with Musical Theatre but I was getting a little tired of tap dancing in the background.  My favorite times on stage were not necessarily the moments when I was grinning while charleston-ing, but the times when I’d make a cast member break on stage by mooning her with a face drawn on my butt.



Yep.  That happened.

I knew with a skill set of hilarity and butt-art I could do more than just be the 3rd girl from the right in a musical.  I needed a change but had no idea what that change was.  Then a very wise woman, Broadway’s Jennifer Smith (pictured above in the pink dress and scowl) suggested that I take an improv class.  “Hmmm.  I’ve always wanted to try one of those classes,” is what I said.   A few days later,  while walking my dog in the park, I ran into a gal who I’d seen a dozen times and we started to chat about life.  I asked her if she had ever done any improv and she said “Funny you ask…I’m an impovisor myself.”  She then went on to tell me that her favorite improv teacher of all time was starting a level 1 class at the end of the month.  It was fate (plus I didn’t have to do any actual research that day and could sit on my couch and re-watch the finale of Lost which I re-hated).  I signed up that very day and it changed my life forever.

Ok, here’s comes some sappy stuff (if you don’t want to read it….don’t….just keep looking at the picture of my butt)…

The gal that suggested the class is Rebecca who has become one of my best friends (and has been featured several times in my blog, most notably the day we took our dogs to a bar).  She has definitely made me look at my life and discover the gifts that I have to offer (besides drawing faces on my butt).  If it wasn’t for her, I would never have met Holly who is indeed the best improv teacher in the world!  If I hadn’t met Holly I  would still be the girl at auditions telling fart jokes (I mean, I still do that,  but I feel that with my new training there are many more layers involved when it comes to a well crafted fart joke), and not have reached my potential both as an actor and as a stripper (just kidding…although one may be considered a stripper after posting a picture of their butt on the internet…there does seem to be someone waving a dollar bill at me).  Improv has inspired me to step out of dancing in the background and to step into being leader in the foreground.  It also lit a fire under my ass to start writing again, which lead me to this blog which is now read by tens of twenties of people (including my mom and dad…sorry about the butt picutre) from all over the United States (and Tanzania…still don’t know how I got 2 readers there?)

So here it is folks a (tad blurry…that’s what happens with bright lights and blonde hair) video of one of my monologues from last night.  If you don’t think it’s funny then whatever…you totally had to be there… performances don’t translate well on camera…shut up it was my first monologue ever…I don’t care what you think.



PS: Big shout out to Holly Mandel (best improv teacher in the world) and Rebecca Stuard (BFF who is also a kick ass improv teacher, friend, and dog walking companion) and everyone at Improvolution…