Day 37: Oh tanennbaum….oh tanennbaum…

Hey there adoring fans (Maria from Cesca)!

So, tonight I had big plans.  I was off to see…

The Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rockefeller Center!

We started off at Starbucks for some hot chocolate.  Now, should we add milk?

So many choices?  Wait, is that a flask?  Who put that there?

Which one will I choose?

Twist my arm Starbucks.  Twist my arm.

It’s so nice that Starbucks offers Peppermint Schnapps.  Who knew?!

So then we walked right on up to 51st and 6th to find ourselves in…

the longest line of all time…

After being herded like cattle (with a lot of A-holes with baby strollers.  Just a heads up parents…this is the worst possible place to bring babies…besides a movie theatre…or a fancy restaurant…. or your creepy Uncle Larry’s bathtub), we finally arrived at…

Another really long ass line.

But the good news is…we saw the tree lighting!

Ok, ok.  So it wasn’t the famous tree of Rockefeller Center.  And it wasn’t even an actual tree.  But I was tired of waiting in line so…

…we went to a bar.

After a few beers (only 2!  I swear), I came home to watch the Tree Lighting on my DVR.  Except our stupid cable screwed up and didn’t record it.  Damn you Time Warner (shaking left fist in the air…while right hand pours a glass of wine)!  But it was totally ok because we could watch the part I really wanted to see on Youtube…

My friends Kristin and Ryan’s engagement!

Yes, you guys (who’s cable didn’t screw you and you actually got to see the show, ya jerks) these  are my friends and their engagement was totally real (despite the terribly phony voiceover)!

Every kiss begins with K?  Usually mine begin with J(ameson).

Have no fear readers.  I will eventually get to see the famous tree before the end of the world.  I’ve got like less than 30* days left  (unless Tina Fey shoots me a text message asking me to go on 2 week cruise around the world) I’ve got plenty of time.

*Woops.   Being that today in November 29th I’ve only got 22 days left.  Looks like it’s time for 2 a days.

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