Day 59 or 60 or 63 or so…

Hey there adoring fans (Sophie Burke)!

“Sarah!  It’s almost the End of the World (which is all you seem to talk about).  What the heck have you been doing for our last days?!”

Well theoretical voice, stop being such a pessimist!  The world might not end…but just in case… I’ve been busy decorating for my End of the World/ Holiday party!


Note: this is not my apartment…or dog.
Now, as I’ve already taught you all how to make your own snowflakes out of old magazines (what?  You didn’t read Day 56: Drunken Arts and Crafts?  How dare you?! You’re never going to become an adoring fan in the next 3 days with that kind of lack of commitment).  The next step to creating an awesomely decorated hallway is to get together with your roommates and create dopplegangers of yourselves to hang on the wall (a few drinks always helps with the process).  Now you have fun (and a little creepy) people that you can decorate for any occasion (Halloween, Christmas, Flag Day, Thursday).  This time, I’ve turned ours into “Gnomes of the Winter Wonderland”…

Here’s mine…

decor sarah

Yep…those are cotton balls that I’ve dipped in glitter…and have already started to fall off…dangit…time to get out the hot glue gun….time to call my neighbor to borrow her hot glue gun.

And here’s Abby (she’s a tad “early nineties slutty gnome”)…


decor abby

And then there’s John…he’s always a little sexy…


decor john

Next we add some lights…

decor lights

Then add some classy bows to the kitchen…


decor kitchen

I know what you’re thinking…”Why Sarah, how have you maintained such a fabulous ass while writing a daily blog, skipping the gym and opting instead to drink heavily?”  Well, that’s my little secret you sassy theoretical voice you.

Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite…

the tree!

Time to grab the box out from under the bed…

decor tree box

Mmmm…smell that mildew!  Nothing a little pine scented car air freshener cant’ fix.

Time to put it together.  Fun Fact: I got this tree in Detroit…the land of decent sports teams, Little Caesar’s Pizza, and high murder rates.

decor tree 2

Now that the tree is good and trimmed (by the 15 pack of red ornaments bought at Creepy Al’s 99 cents store), what shall we top it with?

decor thought

I’ve got it!


decor flat pam

Hey Flat Pam and Flat Sarah!  Lookin’ sharp (enough to give me a paper cut…cause you’re made out of paper.  Get it?)

Now what’s next?  Oh yes.  Hey there friend Rebecca, would you mind helping me out with decorating the bathroom?

broom rebecca

Whatcha got there?  A blue tinsel triangle?  What does that have to do with Christmas?

broomOh I see.  It’s a snowflake right?  No?  The Star of David?  Who’s David?  Is he friends with Jesus?  Was he the 10th reindeer that got cut when Santa realized his name wasn’t jovial enough?

Alright.  Well now that we’re all done with decorating, all we have to do is wait for the guests to arrive

To be continued…


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