Day 58: Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-unnn!

Hey there adoring fans (Nadia)!

December 21st is less than a week away!  Holy crap.  I guess I should pause this episode of Teen Mom 2 and go hang out with one of my dear friends.  Becca Pace!

karaoke beccaI love Becca Pace (even though she makes my head look like a giant that got stung by a bee…on the face, every time I take a picture with her), and with our tricky schedules (Becca is a personal trainer and I like to take naps) it’s hard to find time to see one another.  With the world ending (or not) we decided to make a date for some live music and whiskey.  After a few rounds of whiskey and conversation about the most important things in life (friends, family, and internet porn) we decided to play…

Hey Sarah!  What’s in your bag?

How do you play “Hey Sarah!  What’s in your bag?”  You simply have Sarah open her obnoxiously large bag and see what’s in it.  Let’s see shall we?

We’ve got half of a bottle of Coke Zero…no surprise here.


A (rather disgusting) makeup bag in desperate need of replacing (something I’ll worry about on or after the martians don’t destroy us, you know… December 22nd)…

karaoke makeup

An ABW sock (already been worn)…gross.

karaoke sockOooohh…here’s where my glasses are!  Safe and secure in their Spong Bob Square Pants case.  No, I’m not too old for this.

karaoke spongebob“Bartender, another round please…”

karaoke whiskeyOh Wow!  I forgot I bought this.  I was really tired (hammered) after work one night and bought this Miss. Piggy lollipop because I thought that if someone ever asked me what cartoon character I looked like, I would say her..

karaoke piggy

See what I mean?

karaoke santaThat’s right.  I also have a Santa hat in my bag.  You never know when you’re gonna need one.

“Thank you bartender.  This round’s on me”

karaoke pink glassesYep, those sunglasses were in my Bag ‘O Fun too.  No, I’m not too old for them.  What’s next.  Oh yeah, my fave girls that I keep living inside my Golden Compass (haha…that sounds dirty…inside my golden compass…gross)

karaoke flat girls“I’m sorry girls.  I simply cannot afford to buy you a drink….I already said I’d buy the next round for Becca and I,  and there’s no take-sees back-sees when it comes to bar etiquette.  Now, if I had won the lottery last week that would be a differents story.  Hold on, I think I can solve this problem.  Here we go girls.”

karaoke flaskNow one swig of peppermint schnapps a piece.  You only weigh like -.5 oz.  This should get you nice and toasty…and minty.

What else?  Oh, look… Long Johns!  You never know when you’re going to get cold?  But really, you never know when it’s going to be cold anymore.  (Stupid global warming…that doesn’t exist… according to some D-bags…good thing I bought a Coke zero today…5 cents of each purchase goes to a homeless polar bear.)

karaoke long johnsAnd here’s this little guy.  It’s a pencil topper that I got from my friend Jay while doing Tarzan.   I always forget that I keep it in one of the small pockets and I freak out when I go in there because I think it’s a spider or something..but then I just put it back so I will be surprised again the next time I go in that pocket…it’s the little things.   No, again, I’m not too old for this.

karaoke monkeyWell, that’s all folks.  I had a fantastic night with an amazing friend.  And realized that if the world continues…I should probably make more time for my amazing friends…and  clean out my purse more often.  No, I take it back.  I found some awesome stuff in there.  If I got stuck in an elevator or something, I could totally Macgyver my way out.  I mean, finger monkeys, peppermint schnapps, and an ABW sock…it could happen.  And I’d nail that s*it!

Oh, and one more thing I found in my Bag ‘O Fun…tampons.  You’re welcome fellas.

karaoke tampon

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