Day 41: The date…

Hey there adoring (Katie Green and Stephanie Seiler)!

So tonight I went on a date.  This guys asked me out at a bar last week.  Since I’m hoping to fall in love by the end of the world, I said ok.  Let’s see how it went.

(Since taking pictures would have been totally weird.  I’ve opted to use our Hollywood look-alike’s to give you the play by play.)

1st date bing“Hey there.  You are attractive and fairly intelligent.  Can I take you out on a date?”


megan-hilty-picture-12“I don’t know bar patron.  Are you a serial killer or douche bag?”

bing 3“No way.  I’m totally not a douche bag.  I even have a job.”


hilty 4“Ok.  I guess I could go on a date.  Wait how old are you?”

bing glasses

“34.  Oh and by the way, I’m not a serial killer either.  I understand my previous answer was misleading.”

hilty 3

“Alright then.  Even though this seems like a terrible idea, the world might end so I am willing to take a risk.  Plus it may prove to be a fun blog entry.  Wait, what blog?  Who said blog?  I’m not writing a blog.  Never mind.  I guess I’ll see you next week.”

The next week…

bing phone“Hey Sarah.  It’s me.  The guy from the bar.  How about we go out this weekend.”

hilty phone“Sure, guy from bar.  Where should we go?”

bing phone“Well, I live in Long Island.  I’ll have to take the train in.  Any suggestions?”

hilty phone“Wow.  Long Island.  Ok, that sounds like a fun place.  How about we play it by ear?  I’ll see you Sunday.”

Sunday…at another bar…

bing poster“Hey Sarah!  I hope you don’t mind.  I got us a table.  So where are you from?”

hilty black and white“I’m from Maryland.  Go Ravens!”

bing tv guide“Oh cool.  My older brother is getting married in Maryland in July.”

hilty 2“Oh, cool.  How old is your brother?”

Republic“26.   He’s a pretty cool guy.”

hilty stunned

“Wait, what?  I thought you said you were 34?”

bing blue“No.  I’m 24.  The music was pretty loud, maybe you misheard me.  So anyways, I live on Long Island and am saving up to move into the city.”

hilty stunned“Wait.  Do you live with your parents?”

bing nyc“I mean, just for now.  Why, is that a problem?”

hilty stunned“No no no.  That’s totally cool.  Oh look.  I just got a text message from my Landlord…our apartment has been taken over by those really big termites from those commercials.  I gotta run.”

1st date bing“Ok, are you sure it wasn’t something I said.”

hilty gotta go“No, not at all.  I just really need to check on my apartment.  It was nice meeting you.”

bing hat“Oh, ok.  Can I call you next week?”

run away!“Umm…I think my phone just exploded.  How about I contact you?”

2 thoughts on “Day 41: The date…

  1. seriously, your blog kills me. maybe it was the wine… or the 3 margaritas i had before that, but i decided to catch on the 66dos tonight. i was legit out loud laughing at your good times. thanks for sharing the craziness with all 13 of us and here is hoping that if the EOW isn’t in a few weeks you can keep on writing.
    seriously, i laughed so hard i cried then i decided maybe i should write a blog. emphasis on the maybe and the previously mentioned booze.
    this most recent might be my favorite to date…. and i realized i can comment without joining the website sot cheers to that. xo-william

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