Day 39: Party like your divorce is final!

Hey there adoring fans (Meghan Lacorte and Alicia Sable)!

So, last night I took the Flat Pam and Flat Sarah to a dinner party.  Now, it’s come to my attention that some of you (straglers that haven’t read Day 21: Every Batman needs his Robin…)may not know who Flat Pam and Flat Sarah are and where they came from.  Flat Pam comes from my childhood dancing friend (real Pam) who is now a 1st grade teacher.  Her class is working on the Flat Stanley project.  Flat Stanley is  a story about a little boy who wakes up flat one day, mails himself to his grandparents, and goes on an adventure.   Despite the story completely freaking kids out that they might one day turn flat and be shipped off somewhere (I’d totes go Hogwarts…but then I’d have to find an owl to pick me up…and probably get some robes and learn magic…and then be disappointed that Hogwarts is fictional, but then I would be all flat and stuff which isn’t real anyway so what do I care if my destination is fictional…and what’s the legal drinking age in England if you’re a wizard?…I digress), teachers have their students create their “flat selves” and then send them off to friends or relatives who live far away and these friends or relatives take the “flat child” on adventures.   So, long story short (which doesn’t really work here  because I just babbled for way to long about this story already), Pam sent me her “flat self” which I have been taking on adventures (drinking) all over the city, and I’ve made my “flat self” so that Flat Pam has a partner in crime.

Last night I decided to take the girls to a friend’s dinner party where she was celebrating her divorce.  What better place to bring 2 flat girls?!

We started off at the food table…


Then thought “What the Hell are we doing?  Where’s the booze?”

Flat Sarah opted for a Corona to keep with the fiesta theme?

Do you know why Corona’s are served with lime?  They originally served them with limes in Mexico to keep the bugs from crawling in the bottle.  My blog is not only hilarious, it’s also informative.

(PS: I learned that “fact” from some drunk guy at a bar and have done no research to back it up.)


Flat Pam went for the hard stuff but added a lime to stay festive.


Then it was time for some girl talk…


Hey look, it’s Bernie and Holly!


“Hey Mia.  First off, I’m so sorry that you have to wear the “cone of shame” but your stitches look badass!  And second, have you seen ‘FAT Sarah’?  We can’t find her.”image

Oh, here she is.  “Whatcha got there FAT Sarah?  Are those battery operated candle flames?  Whatcha gonna do with those?”image

“Oh, FAT Sarah!  You are positively the funniest person on the planet!”image

It’s that time of the night.  The time where Sarah gets so full (drunk) that she challenges her friends to a “who’s got a bigger stomach” contest… image

FAT Sarah always wins.

Clean up time everyone.  Hey Flat girls, have you seen FAT Sarah?image

Yep.  That seems about right.


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