Day 65 Part I: Reflection…

Hey there adoring fans (all of you out there who have read even 1 word of this blog)!

So tomorrow is the big day (or just a day like any other) and I’m only a tad bit panicky (it’s a good thing I brought my “audition Xanax” with me).  The best part about being home, is going through all of my old pictures….and unlimited wine in my parents kitchen.  Put the two together, and you get the first part of today’s blog…

Sarah’s life comes full circle!

You see, looking through these old pictures has brought back a ton of great memories.  I am very blessed to have been surrounded by amazing friends and family my entire life.  I’ve also been blessed to see that most of the things I did as a child have come back into my (irresponsible) adult life…especially my hair cuts.  Let’s take a stroll down memory lane…

Here I am with my Mom circa 1984.  Just goin’ for a swim out back.


Now here I am with the same exact hair cut in 2001…at prom (The Dixie Chics were really popular then ok?…I wanted Natalie’s haircut, so I got it…the night before Senior Prom…it was hot….and only made me look a little bit like a 12 year old boy..PS: nice tan line Sarah).

Scan0008Shout out to my prom date Graham…he has the same haircut…and is wearing fake glasses.

Then we grew it out a little into a nice side swiped bang…


That’s me chillin’ like a villan with my big bro (I seem to really want that cake).

Twenty some years later…

66 sarah 9

I learned how to get my own cake by throwing out gang signs (is the WuTang Clan still a gang?  Were they ever a gang?  Is this the right hand gesture?  Whatever, I’m  hard core).

Then we get blonder and fluffier…

Scan0003Yes.  Those are antennas glued to a headband.  I was a bumble bee for my preschoool graduation.  At first we were going to be butterflies but then the teacher switched it up at the last minute and I adapted to that s*it and buzzed my little heart out (first taste as an improvisor!).

Twenty-two’ish years later…

Here’s my buddy Tony and I circa 2007 after we got the call that we were going to be in Gypsy on Broadway (shut up, that hair color is totally natural…I spent a lot of time in the sun…in the winter…in Toronto…)

66 sarah 6

Then skip like 12 years and we have my lovely Senior portrait (before the Dixie Chic/12 year old boy/Lesbian haircut).

 For the record, I don’t know what I was going for here.   Sexy?  Missunderstood?  Orange?


But it sure does look a lot like the picture I just had my Mom take of me (during a commercial break of NCIS.  What’s up with anyone over the age of 50 and that show?)

66 sarah 10

Not only have I kept up with the same hairstyles, I’ve continued with the straight up coolness…


Although I probably wasn’t drinking at a house party in the picture above, I cannot say the same for the one below here…

66 sarah 8

Then there’s my signature belly that started at a young age…


It’s gotten me pretty far.

66 sarah 3


And then my sexy moves…


that have made me the sexy minx that I am today…

66 sarah 5

Looking back, if the world ends tomorrow it will be alright.  I think that if I had a chance to throw a few back at a pub with my baby self she would say “Nice work almost 30 year old Sarah.  Nice work indeed”.  Then we would do a shot of Jack and each pick out a stranger to make out with.

Ps: I plan to do another post for tonight…as soon as my wine kicks in.

Pps: I really hope no child molesters are reading my blog.

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