Day 53: You gotta play to win…

Hey there adoring fans (Nicole Mangi Kramer)!

So, as you may have noticed my last post was from Day 44.  Well, it seems that I’ve missed some days (because I’ve been lazy…and by lazy I mean drunk) here and there, and am now realizing that we only have 13 days left until the world explodes (or is taken over by aliens, or zombies, or absolutely nothing happens and I will turn 30 and have to find a job with health insurance) and I am actually on Day 53…whoops!  As the days are dwindling down I am getting more and more nervous, not only about our fate, but about getting some things done on this blog.  It’s really hard juggling these 20 hour work weeks, improv shows, and reruns of How I Met Your Mother.  So, as I have to work tonight, I’d thought I’d make a goal out of my test-tube shot selling.  I chatted with my buddy Rebecca about the idea.  Here is a recap of the conversation

Rebecca:  “How about you take the first 66 dollars that you make and donate it to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.”

Sarah:  “Well that sounds lovely but I am selfish.  I’ve got a better idea.  How about I take the first 66 dollars that I make and blow it all on lottery tickets!”

Rebecca:  “Sarah.  You are a terrible person.  Here’s 5 bucks.  I want in”


boobs $5

So here we go.  I’ve always wanted to see what would happen if I spent an absurd amount of money on what some people call the “idiot tax,” and tonight is the night (well, technically tomorrow morning.  I don’t think you can buy lottery tickets after 11pm)!   I mean, I have to win something right?   And if not.  Who cares.  Tickets to the apocalypse are free!

First thing I’m doing if I win the lottery?  Going to Disney World (shut up, I love it there).  Second thing, inviting Tina Fey (my friend Andrew just let me know that she works out at his gym…I’m getting closer!)

PS:  I guess if I win the lottery I could throw some cash to Sandy victims.  That would bring me back to being a good person right?   Decent person?  Ok person?  Oh well. Here we go!


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