Day 208: When Hairy met Sally…

Hey there adoring fans (Heather Torres)!

I’ve been tossing back and forth this idea for a way to get myself more motivated.  It’s kind of a “challenge” that I would be giving myself for the month of August.  I won’t tell you what it is now, because I might chicken out and then you all will stop reading my blog because you’re only currently reading it to learn the answer to the secret of life and to pick up the occasional dating tip and who’s going to learn those things from a chicken?  This plan does however involve some organization, so with my afternoon off, I decided to start with organizing my bedroom….


But being that I hate cleaning, and share the same attention span as a hungry baby billy goat, I got distracted…

by my gross hairbrush….









I would like to conclude this post with a little quote from my cousin, Gina on her reasoning as to why I am still single:

“It’s okay cousin!  I was single forever and was pretty sure all guys were A-holes!  You are awesome so it’s going to be a hard find someone to match your amazeballs personality…”

Yes, Gina.  I believe it is going to be very hard to find someone to match my amazeballs personality.

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