Day 47: Ugh…boy roommates!

Hey there adoring fans (Jason Kelly)!



Thank you all for your feedback on my Love letters to old lovers post! I feel like a regular Taylor Swift (plus or minus 10 years, 30lbs and a few Kennedy’s).  Anywho, as you can see by this Oscar worthy video, I finally was able to complete my meditation course with the wonderful Shannon O’bryan…

meditation 1

without any doggie diarrhea getting in the way! (If you don’t know anything about my dog’s bowel movements than you are not a true adoring fan and must be shunned…just kidding…all it really takes to be an adoring fan is to read one of my posts and “Like” it on Facebook…or just pretend to read any of my posts and leave a comment like “Sarah you look so skinny!”  “Have you lost 30lbs?”  “You really should eat something…” or “Of course you’ll get a butt load of money back on your tax return, my uncle can cook the books!”…of course if you post any of these things I will know that you read this post anyway so the jig is up…but I am still looking for a ‘tax guy’…wink wink.)  Now, I can’t tell you much about the meditation course, as my coach says “what is learned in private, should stay in private” but I can tell you that it was AWESOMELIFE CHANGING, and TOTALLY RAD!  And now that I’ve graduated I’m required to meditate for 22 1/2 minutes twice a day.  Now, as a single mother (of said s*itting dog), out of work actor, part time shot girl, and mildly successful blogger (MILDLY!), it is really dang hard to find 45 minutes a day to sit down relax and call upon the Space Zombies (crap!  I wasn’t supposed to tell you about the Space Zombies!  “what is learned in private stays in private” you asshole!  Forget what I said…there’s no such thing as Space Zombies…and even if there were it doesn’t mean that only us professional meditators are safe from their venom…got it?…meditation does nothing to protect you from Space Zombies so you should probably not even try to learn).  So I’m going to see if I can take the next 66 days and make a habit of meditation (and you guys out there don’t even need to worry about it….’cause remember, Space Zombies are not real…nor are they coming to take over the planet…anytime soon).   It’s going to be a huge commitment, but well worth it (in the end…not that there’s going to be an end).

In all seriousness, if anyone wants a great meditation course please check out the amazing Shannon O’bryan.  She is an incredible woman and teacher and I promise you will get so much out of her course.  She teaches all over the country and also gives a free talk about her practice before each 4 day session for those of you “on the fence-ers”…which you shouldn’t be…because like I said…it’s TOTALLY RAD!

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