Day 11: Your challenge, if you choose to accept it.

Hey there adoring fans (Nancy Brain)!

The challenge:
To write a post in the 9 minutes between restaurant job #1 and restaurant job #2…on your dumbphone (the dumb version of the smartphone) because although you brought your brand new computer with you to use at starbucks, the internet is slow that it wasn’t worth it to carry around in your makeshift case…


Which are fleece sweatpants that your friend Erin made you in college…


Oh Crap!  Running out of time. And why does my phone always autocorrect Crap with a capital C!

Rats!  3 MIN!  Why that is capitalized I don’t no.  I mean know.  Crap Sarah you’re running out of time!  Anywho…today I reread The Secret…


And wrote myself a fake check for a million dollars…


After I had googled how many zeros were in one million dollars…stupid degree in jazz dance…


Will explain more tomorrow.  Gotta go!  Sorry for the typos!

Ps: hi Lucas!

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