Day 1: Why is thirty so dirty?


Hey there adoring fans (Alan Weeks and Valentine Sheldon)!

So here it is.  The big day (Not December 21st when the world was going to maybe explode…but a different big day).  It’s  January 3rd 2013.  And around 4 pm on January 3rd 1983, little Sarah was born…


which makes me…..30!!!

(dun dun dun..!)

Which means I’m getting farther and farther from this…

old clueless


And getting closer and closer to becoming this…


old daisy 2

So far I feel fantastic (probs because of the 2nd Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale that my roommate’s sublet left in the fridge after moving out…happy birthday to me…what?  it’s after 4…I don’t have a problem…stop judging me…it’s my birthday…you have to be nice to me…even if you’re just a theoretical voice in my head).  So far this week I’ve already taken a few steps into adulthood.  I am currently waiting for the UPS man (or woman…I’m no racist) to deliver my new computer which I will be responsible for paying off over the next 12 months, I’ve flossed everyday this week (even after getting off work at 4 in the morning when I’m really really “tired”), and I started using the flat sheet that came with the set of sheets that my mom gave me for Christmas (I’ve never used the flat sheet before because I was like “Why do you need that thing when you already have a blanket and that other sheet with the elastic that I could never figure out how to fold until I watched that youtube video on how to fold fitted sheets.  The flat sheet just gets all crumpled up at the bottom of the bed anyway.  It’s stupid!” but now I’m learning to embrace it…like a grownup).

Now, I’m off to eat my favorite dinner (Outback Steakhouse Cheese Fries) but need to stop by the “drug store” (that’s what old people call Duane Reades…which is what New Yorkers call Rite Aids) to pick up a few essentials for my elderly needs…

Just a little candy to keep in my pockets…

old lifesavers

An individual pack of kleenex to keep balled up in my pocket and use over and over again…
old kleen


A life alert (just in case)



And probably some “healthy weight” dog food.

Because Ruby is getting…



fatty fatty no friends

PS: You should note that when I saved this picture to my computer I titled it, “Fatty Fatty No Friends”

Today is for fun…tomorrow is finally time to start a new chapter in life with new goals.  I hope you all will join me in the journey (that sounds queer…and by queer I mean cheesy…not gay…does queer mean gay anymore?  Oh what do I know, I’m just an old lady trying to keep up with the times…Now tell those teeny boppers in the apartment below me to keep that racket down…I’m trying to watch my stories.)


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