Day 89: How I feel about Church…

Hey there adoring fans (Stephanie Leone)!

This is Abby Church.


This is why this post is about Abby Church and not the other kind of Church as the heading implies…gotcha…peace be with you:

If you are not a loyal reader (because you are a loser…or a hobo who stole somebody’s computer while they were in the bathroom at Starbucks because the nice little old lady that said she would watch it got up and left because she realized she forgot to record her stories and you “the hobo” google searched SixtySixdaysofSarah because there’s been talk around town that the blog frequently compares things to hobos…and now you feel like a celebrity so congratulations!  Now put that computer back where you found it…maybe leave the browser open to my blog though…I could always use more readers…) then you may not know that Abby Church is my roommate.  Abby is a brilliant and successful Broadway actor/dancer/singer and a big supporter of mine.  She follows my blog (and convinced several of her family members to follow my blog…Hi Church’s and in-laws of Church’s!), comes to all of my improv shows, and cleans the bathroom when I forget to.  These are all good accounts of her awesomeness, but this Wednesday she went above and beyond toilet bowl cleaning.  You see, on Wednesday night I had an Improv show that I was pretty nervous about.  I’ve gotten to that place where it’s no longer impressive that I can stand on stage and talk.  That jig is up.  Now I’ve been doing it long enough where I should be hilarious and impressive at all times and am put on stage with people that have been doing improv for 10 years so I have to man up and be as crazy good as they are.  Plus, my friends have already seen me do the easy stuff.  It must be like babies and potty training where after they poop in the toilet for the first time the parents cheer, cry, and buy an ice cream cake, but every time the child uses the toilet there after is a snooze fest.  I only assume this is how potty training goes as I have no idea how babies work (see Day 74: So I guess the Children are our future?).  I did a fine job in the show, but I felt I didn’t fully step up to the plate and was under impressed with my work, so naturally I was a little bummed when I arrived at the after party and could not wait to grab a beer.  Abby was waiting for me at the bar.  She gave me a hug, told me I was awesome, and handed me a card.  It was a business card and read:

Sarah Bullwinkle*

actress.  writer.  comedian.  bad ass.

time to make life a little more awesome.

I almost cried.  She had an entire box of business cards made for me.  And when I asked why, she said “‘Cause you’re the real deal.”   This is why Abby Church is so awesome.  Because it wasn’t my Birthday, or Christmas, or National Give Your Roommate a Gift so Great it Will Make Her Cry Day.  But because she believes in me when sometimes I forget to believe in myself.  I hope you all find an Abby Church in your lives…cause you can’t have mine!

2013-03-29 15.23.59

*My last name has been changed to protect myself from computer thieving hobo’s.

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